From Sifteo to Floor Is Lava.

Last Friday was my last day at Sifteo. Here’s my new site for business-y stuff: Floor Is Lava.

Design is design.

The different media of video games, software, web sites, are getting less different all the time, so expect to see crossovers like this happening more and more often.

How to succeed in business while trying too hard.

How startups work during an investment bubble: 1. Profit! 2. ??? 3. Big idea.

On to the next one.

I’m bummed to be leaving Trion, but even more excited to be starting at Sifteo.

Clearing out the backlog.

I’m very, very bad at prototyping in the sense of killing something off once I decide that something else would be a better use of my time.

Tripping over my ego.

If I’d gone down a different road four years ago and kept writing about games instead of making them, would I be the Jeffrey Lyons of the gaming industry by now?

New job, new diet.

As they say, necessity is the mother of sandwiches.

Time to recharge.

Yesterday was my last day at Secret Level.

Where my mouth is.

Why the hell am I not making games about “nurturing, growth, and affection,” or helping players “create new experiences for each other”? I need to put my money where my mouth is.

Designer vs. Programmer: Fight!

I spend a lot of my work days doing both design and programming, which is fine, except that the two disciplines are very different. In fact, they’re downright contradictory at times.