Storm 74, Sun 60: I’m trying very hard to avoid the obvious puns.

For the first time since I’ve started following the WNBA, I didn’t really have an emotional investment in either of the teams playing in the Finals. That didn’t stop me from enjoying them, though.

One league’s postseason is another’s preseason.

I spent most of my time marvelling at the cushy first-row seats I was sitting in, but I managed to pay a little attention to the game and jotted a few notes about the players while I watched.

But hope springs eternal.

A hotshot draft prospect named Lindsay Whalen, however, has thrown a wrench in my armchair GM plotting.

Shocks beat Sparks; sportswriters start looking for new puns to make.

The Detroit Shock beat the Los Angeles Sparks, 83-78, to win the WNBA Championship.

Lynx vs. Sparks: 74-72. Yes, the scores are listed in the right order.

After a huge second-half comeback, Minnesota is now unbeaten against L.A. in playoff games, thanks to Tamika Williams’s last-minute steal and layup.

Playoff time!

The Lynx have clinched a playoff berth for the first time in team history.

Basketball in the summer… what a crazy idea!

Svetlana Abrosimova is a stud. I don’t know if it’s ok to refer to WNBA players as “studs”, but when you’re battling for rebounds and leading the fast break like that, “stud” is the word that comes to my mind.