Groundblog’s Day.

The Groundblog spies its shadow.

The floggings will continue until the month is up.

Just a few more days, and our national NaBloPoMo-induced nightmare will be over.

NaBloPoMo: It’s fun to say!

As soon as I saw the word “NaBloPoMo”, it was all over but the crying. And the posting of blog entries. But that’s going to take a while. Thirty days, by my reckoning.

Signs of the Times: I-35W.

Sometimes the real world crumbles and falls apart, and we need the virtual world to help us keep our shit together.

My friends are cooler than your friends.

It seems like the Huffington Post is banking on the idea that if they get enough famous people to write for them, people will have no choice but to read at least some of their posts.

There’s more to life than bitching about mainstream media.

The whole “bloggers vs. journalists” debate feels insanely remote to me, but it’s not hard to understand why it often seems to be the only topic of discussion.

The Bleacher Bums.

I had totally forgotten that today was to be the “official” launch date for the site until I heard a plug for it on the radio.

Will blog for food, or, the rise of the blogotariat.

Or, Josh gives in and starts blogging about blogs. Bloggity blog blog.

I’m suddenly feeling a little hungry.

Best weblog I’ve run into lately: The Cheese Diaries. Yum.

I apologize for the crappiness of the previous post.

I often wonder how I managed to spend four years at some high-falutin’ college and somehow emerge with absolutely no understanding of how to analyze a text in a coherent manner.