Will trade a Dopplr invite for a puffy Garfield sticker.

I know the Internet can’t sustain a zillion and one social sites, but I actually kind of get a kick out of trading beta invites.

Maintaining your sense of presence.

Instead of having one status mirrored across many sites, it would be better to have all of my different statuses aggregated into a single point, where I can see at a glance what I’m doing.

Is that a dinner bell I hear?

Kongregate isn’t the YouTube of web-based indie casual games; it’s the Xbox Live Arcade of web-based indie casual games.

Twitter questions and answers.

Answers to some questions about Twitter.

Tagging books.

While keying my books into LibraryThing was a pleasant, if slightly manic way to spend a Saturday morning, I can’t say I’m particularly enthusiastic about going back through all 300+ entries and tagging them.

Cold weekend thoughts.

It’s really cold out, and my mind wanders.

Convergence Culture and flows of meaning.

More for my own benefit than anyone else’s, a quick rundown of some of the ways in which meaning flows through media, as laid out by Henry Jenkins in Convergence Culture.

MMOGs and Web 2.0.

A wishlist of things I’d like to see at “the intersection between Web 2.0 and MMOGs.”

You. Or maybe Us.

Time Magazine chose “You” as its Person of the Year.


Its lack of features is a strength rather than a drawback.