The Continuing Adventures of lonelygirl15.

YouTube’s breakout series has actually gotten more interesting since it dropped the pretense of reality.

The Web on the Wii.

I’m more excited about the Wii Internet Channel than I should be.

Obsessions and complusions.

Just a quick test of YouTube.

Saturday morning cartoons.

Now I can recapture my lost childhood and look into the future of broadcasting at the same time — how convenient!

Watching movies on the PSP.

The weird thing about watching feature films on the PSP is that you end up treating portable video like a portable game or portable text, as something to be picked up and put down at will.

Oscar-nominated animated short films.

Watching the animated shorts online mostly makes me pine for a DVD or theater showing; streaming video is a horrible way to watch, well, anything really, but it’s particularly bad for watching animation, where you just know that you’re missing out on all kinds of details.