Eight things I don’t miss about Minnesota.

Minnesota Nice, feeling short, weather, and a few other gripes.

Six things I miss about Minnesota.

I’m not especially homesick for Minneapolis, but there are things that I was sad to leave behind.

Signs of the Times: I-35W.

Sometimes the real world crumbles and falls apart, and we need the virtual world to help us keep our shit together.

Reasons to get out of the house.

Mark your calendars, denizens of the Twin Cities.

Tough times for Twin Cities businesses.

It’s no wonder I never go out anymore: All the places worth going to are closing down.

Do I know you? No? Then why are you talking to me?

Once you’ve lived somewhere long enough, you get used to certain irritating regional habits, and eventually forget that really, they’re just not healthy.

First snow.

When the rain started hardening a couple of nights ago, I didn’t think it would stick.

Off-year elections: yes, they really do happen.

Other than a few pre-recorded messages from the Mayor on my answering machine, Election Day 2005 came and went pretty quietly in Minneapolis.

What a difference a mile makes.

I should be grateful to live in a city where you can’t throw a rock without knocking over a stack of paper cup-warmers.

Remembering the #18, the #21, and the blessed #17.

One day there was a public transit system, the next day, there wasn’t.