Lost, Season 3, and Heroes, Season 1. (Spoiler-free)

Lost, Heroes, and the confusing, convoluted shows that came before them.

Better games than games.

“First, [it] provided me a source for continuous escapism; second, it gave me a never-failing sense of accomplishment; and third, it allowed me a platform for on-going identity construction and reconstruction.”

Convergence Culture and flows of meaning.

More for my own benefit than anyone else’s, a quick rundown of some of the ways in which meaning flows through media, as laid out by Henry Jenkins in Convergence Culture.

Lost, Season 2.

Lost is a television show that doesn’t ignore new media, or work against it, but sits at the center of an entire constellation of media artifacts.

Gaming movies like it’s 1999.

Beyond such classics as The Blair Witch Project and Independence Day, there are scads of 90s films out there, just waiting to be remediated into hit games.

Fight Club. (PopMatters)

My review of the videogame adaptation of Fight Club is up at PopMatters. I was hoping it would be an amusingly bad movie-to-game conversion, but as it turns out, it’s just a plain old piece of crap. If you liked the movie, go watch it again, or read the review series at The Dual Lens. If you like fighting games, play Soul Calibur or Guilty Gear. Just avoid this game.

Coming soon: the Nip/Tuck Game.

While my inner knee-jerk liberal wants to rail against a wave of corporate invasions in video games, the cynic in me just shrugs.

Must-Sim TV?

The creator of the Sims (which I swear I will actually play one of these days) has signed a development deal with Fox.