NaBloPoMo: It’s fun to say!

As soon as I saw the word “NaBloPoMo”, it was all over but the crying. And the posting of blog entries. But that’s going to take a while. Thirty days, by my reckoning.

50 Ways to Leave Your MMOG?

Can I justify paying the same amount for two hours a week of gameplay that I was for 20?

No time to smell the virtual roses.

If I’m going to finish FF XII, I need to do it in the next few days, because I just realized that this weekend is The Big One.


A good game makes it easy to get around the world so that you can accomplish things more efficiently; it takes something really special, though, to make you want to take the slow route for no other reason than that it feels good.

Snacking on media.

Josh’s OCD breaks down.

Dark Cloud 2 and the economics of RPGs

I just finished Dark Cloud 2 yesterday, and I really wish I had just quit halfway through. It exemplifies the pitfalls that come with trying to make a game as long as possible.