Player Postures: Pinball.

Defensive, opportunistic, and strategic ways of playing pinball.

Levels of understanding.

Making a game is easy. The challenge in game design is in helping the player understand the game you’ve made.

Your favorite movie sucks.

Don’t mind me, just whining about class. No, not “class,” “class.” Eh, you know what I mean.

I’m in over my head.

As the scene progresses, you feel that sinking feeling as our hero realizes that he’s way out of his depth: he’s unworthy, a phony, not even a pseudo-intellectual.

I got yer context-free culture right here, buddy.

Seeing Aarseth’s statement that “games are not intertextual either; games are self-contained” gets my dander up.

When did I decide that this was a good way to spend my summer?

In a move that I may yet come to regret, I registered to take a class at the University of Minnesota.

On identity formation and sleeplessness.

The annoying part of the whole having-a-day-job thing is that I don’t really have much time or energy to expend on enjoyable activities like sitting around reading and responding to random articles on the Internet.

I apologize for the crappiness of the previous post.

I often wonder how I managed to spend four years at some high-falutin’ college and somehow emerge with absolutely no understanding of how to analyze a text in a coherent manner.

WARNING: Deconstruction Zone Ahead

If we could combine this with some of those illustrations from a while back, we could have some real fun.