Signs of the times, #239.

Children have always pretended to use tools that older folks won’t let them mess around with. It’s only the tools that have changed.

The devolution of a programmer.

A sizable amount of my working life has been spent processing large quantities of text: generating it, reformatting it, parsing it, displaying it. Over the years, my approach to this sort of thing has evolved.

I got yer context-free culture right here, buddy.

Seeing Aarseth’s statement that “games are not intertextual either; games are self-contained” gets my dander up.

As God is my witness, I’ll never use JTextField again!

The really sweet thing about JFormattedTextField is the way it beats JTextField as a general-purpose text editing component.

In case Vim wasn’t awesome enough already.

Yegappan Lakshmanan’s Taglist plugin does pretty much everything I ever dreamed of my own script doing, and does it for every language that Exuberant Ctags supports