In the end, they chose to jettison sense-making for character, which for my money is always the right choice.

Pushing Dead Daisies Like Me.

If the older show was about using death as the gateway to a more fulfilling life, then the new model is about taking that idea, reifying it, coating it with a romantic glaze, and serving it to the audience in a pie tin with a side order of Kristen Chenoweth’s boobs.

Heroes: It’s nice when a show stops sucking.

If the show has spent most of this season spinning its wheels, then tonight’s episode, “Cautionary Tales,” is the part where it peels out and starts roaring down the track. (Contains spoilers.)

Dead Like Me.

Dead Like Me may be a little too smart for me. Or maybe the show is just unfocused and trying to do too much all at once.

The easy way to watch TV.

All I want to do is watch Tim Gunn give catty people advice on how to make pretty clothes, is that too much to ask?

Oh Idiot Box, I’ll never leave you again.

I finally broke down and picked up a TV set. I may have to finally learn about the difference between S-Video and Component or whatever, and why HDMI cables seem to be so expensive.

Dated like me?

It’s like we’re caught in some kind of relativity warp wormhole, where the retro threshold keeps inching closer to now, and we can’t stop living in the future.

Six more shows that I’ve recently watched.

Still no TV, and I often have to kick-start some of these streaming viewers that the networks run, but nothing will keep me from vegging out in front of the TV in one form or another.

Eight shows that I watched this weekend.

I don’t have a TV in my new apartment yet, but I did finally manage to get the Internet hooked up, so I was able to spend the weekend bingeing on some of the fall premieres that I’ve been missing.

Lost, Season 3, and Heroes, Season 1. (Spoiler-free)

Lost, Heroes, and the confusing, convoluted shows that came before them.