GDC 2008: Friday: Narrative control, ranting, happiness.

Notes from the end of GDC 2008.

GDC 2008: Wednesday: UCG, procedural music, AI, narrative design.

Notes from the first day at GDC.

Alias, Seasons 4 and 5.

It wasn’t until ABC announced the show’s cancellation that the writers finally gave in and accepted the fact that “sense” was simply never going to be a part of their legacy in the way that dysfunctional families and bright red wigs would be.

Prison Break, Season 1.

Even if the producers underestimate their audience’s mental capacity, Prison Break remains one of the most watchable shows on the air.

Aimee Mann: The Forgotten Arm.

You don’t really need to pay attention to the saga of Caroline and John if you don’t feel like it, though; you can simply appreciate The Forgotten Arm as a really good album.

Way of the Samurai: all roads lead to somewhere I’m not interested in reaching.

I wish all these developers would skip all this irritating plot and dialog crap and let me get on with playing.

Sheegoths aren’t quite Grues, but…

There was a time when all the dialogue a video game had was a couple of expository sentences on the side of an arcade cabinet, or a half-page teaser in a manual.

Agency in games, agency of games.

If Barthes killed the author, games have the opportunity to bring her back to life, but as a partner to the player/reader instead of an opponent.

Story, work, and rewards in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Dragon Quarter actually tries harder than most games to make the story a direct reward of the gameplay, as opposed to just an incidental prize acheived for reaching a certain goal.

Watch your step, indeed.

Apparently, this sound had been no ordinary urban muzak; a large chunk of my house had been stolen. Mysterious.