Signs of the Times: Being and Webcomics.

How do you make major philosophical movements of the last century relevant to the kids of today?

Signs of the Times: My portfolio.

Replay videos of a three-year-old game that was completely ignored by the press and didn’t sell peanuts? No problem.

Signs of the Times: I-35W.

Sometimes the real world crumbles and falls apart, and we need the virtual world to help us keep our shit together.

Signs of the times, #239.

Children have always pretended to use tools that older folks won’t let them mess around with. It’s only the tools that have changed.

Signs of an Internet Culture, #294.

I enjoy stumbling onto signs that the Web is more than just a playground for the kinds of people who like to tinker with document object models and CMC paradigms. Case in point: those postcards that sit in little stacks at the coffee shop, next to the alt-weekly newspapers.