That’ll do.

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the first post on Semifat Sediment. Maybe that’s enough.

Back to your regularly scheduled madness.

A while back, I plugged my Tumblr, Mlkshk, and Flickr feeds into the blog, to see if it would make the blog feel any more interesting. Mostly what it did was make me want to post less to all those sites for fear of congesting this one.

From Sifteo to Floor Is Lava.

Last Friday was my last day at Sifteo. Here’s my new site for business-y stuff: Floor Is Lava.

Soon. Now?

I swear, as God is my witness, that I will start posting to this weblog again if it kills me.

And yes, I still call it a weblog. Get off my lawn!

Cutting through the fog.

I do, on occasion, have thoughts that are larger than 140 characters.

Groundblog’s Day.

The Groundblog spies its shadow.

Replays and reruns.

I mean, sure, it’s a completely obvious idea that was just waiting for someone to actually take the time to do it, but I prefer to think that I’m prescient and totally on the edge of future trends.

The entire Internet exists only to hold my bookmarks.

I’ve started keeping a scrapbooky-type thing over at Tumblr to hold the little embeddables that don’t fit elsewhere in my ever-expanding network of web utilities.

Redesign, Schmedesign.

While the visible design of the site hasn’t changed that much, I did finally get around to gutting the site’s Movable Type templates, clearing out a bunch of crufty sidebars and CSS classes.

Walking in a winter freaking wonderland.

I’m not sure what to make of the absurdly mild winter we’re having in Minnesota.