Lost, Season 3, and Heroes, Season 1. (Spoiler-free)

Lost, Heroes, and the confusing, convoluted shows that came before them.

Gilmore Girls, Season 5.

After watching the last couple of episodes, I’m wondering: was Rory always this much of a spineless weasel?

Veronica Mars, Season 1.

Characters and plot points that seem like walk-ons and macguffins turn out to be incredibly important, sometimes months after they’re introduced.

Joan of Arcadia, Season 2.

The tone of the show has shifted from a nondenominational vagueness that permitted the viewer a range of readings to an ever-more doctrinaire line that starts to read like “Liberal Catholicism for Dummies.”

Alias, Season 2.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Season 2 of Alias actually makes Season 1 look straightforward and sensible.

Angel, Season 5.

Notes on the final season of Angel. There are some mild spoilers, but none of it ever made any sense anyway, so reading on probably won’t hurt too much.

Alias, Season 1.

So now there’s a spy club even more evil than what Sydney’s used to, although it’s not the spy club that Zoe from Firefly works for. You’re probably thinking this post is full of spoilers for the first season of Alias, and you’re probably right.