Old English Costumes

So here we have photos from the early 20th century recreating the style and dress of portraits from the early 18th. That might be too meta-retro even for me.

Dated like me?

It’s like we’re caught in some kind of relativity warp wormhole, where the retro threshold keeps inching closer to now, and we can’t stop living in the future.

Lessons of Zelda.

The original Legend of Zelda is great, but it’s got some design tics that date it a bit.

Your reward for playing a game? Another game!

Games as unlockable content in other games.

The Atari 2600 is useful for more than just “I Love The 80s” episodes.

Because I am congenitally unable to resist a list-making exercise, here are a few 2600 games that I think are interesting.

Makes me miss my old tractor-fed Epson.

Some person out there, presumably a genius, has gone and reprogrammed an old dot matrix printer for use as a synthesizer.