Off-year elections: yes, they really do happen.

Other than a few pre-recorded messages from the Mayor on my answering machine, Election Day 2005 came and went pretty quietly in Minneapolis.

Commander In Chief. (2005 Fall Premieres)

Geena Davis is pitch-perfect in the role of President Allen, trying to manage her cabinet and her family all at once while taking in stride the hostile forces that press upon her from all sides.

I’ll stick to Bradgelina and Bennifer II rumors, thanks.

I am on the verge of declaring a total ban on news and politics in my apartment in anticipation of the piss and vinegar that’s going to start getting sprayed all over the place.

Twins def. Yankees 2-0; Storm def. Monarchs 82-62; Democrats tie Republicans 0-0.

It was a busy night in sporting, as baseball and women’s basketball both had important playoff games played. The future of our political landscape also hung in the balance, but that’s nothing compared to five double plays.


September 12 is an interesting and provocative start for an ambitious team of developers, but it really is a one-note song, in line with “traditional printed political cartoons.”