Eight things I don’t miss about Minnesota.

Minnesota Nice, feeling short, weather, and a few other gripes.

Six things I miss about Minnesota.

I’m not especially homesick for Minneapolis, but there are things that I was sad to leave behind.

Seven reasons why Phantom Hourglass rocks.

Why does this game grab me in a way that, say, Twilight Princess completely failed to do?

Six things that do not add up to one bed.

What rat’s nest of random bedding have I been rolling around in for the past week and a half?

The Atari 2600 is useful for more than just “I Love The 80s” episodes.

Because I am congenitally unable to resist a list-making exercise, here are a few 2600 games that I think are interesting.

Josh’s shameless Christmas wish list!

I can post a wish list of stuff I want for the holidays without feeling like everything I desire will put me or my friends into debt.

Dysfunctional Programming.

Ah, yes. Now I remember why I’m trying to get out of software.

Recap: Like teevee.org, but shorter, dumber, and more redundant.

While watching my semi-annual dosage of television over the last few days — time mostly spent trying watching reruns of one of a dozen different Scooby Doo series — I made the following observations.