This land is my land.

Barack Obama! Black, mixed-race, the son of an immigrant. PRESIDENT.

Prison Break, Season 2, and Ugly Betty, Season 1. (spoiler-free)

Do TV shows have a gender? Of course they do, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what that gender is.

GDC ’07: Just a couple more shots…

One last GDC brain dump from Friday.

The Magic Closet.

Blizzard’s efforts to maintain the integrity of its magic circle — to lock out as many real-world referents as possible — have the effect of locking players in a magic closet, a place where targets of abuse and discrimination are blamed for “inviting” harassment and where a veil of silence is the only accepted defense.

Paris is not Vogueing.

Forty years of racial inequality and a political establishment that mistakes burying its head in the sand for color-blindness have backed up on the French.

All the interesting basketball news happens off the court.

Basketball is a beautiful game, but what’s really great (or awful, or awfully great) about it is that it’s a space where issues of race, class, and gender collide and swirl around, conflicts and questions played out and mashed up on a stage for all to see.

Not for me, perhaps.

It’s incredibly saddening to think there are whole servers full of people out there who honestly, innocently think that the words they use have no effect at all on those that hear them.

Sex sells, but to whom?

When everything is explicitly framed as an object of desire for the straight male player, it completely closes off all avenues of desire for those who don’t fit its narrowly defined demographic.

Van Gorp comes out.

Michelle Van Gorp talks about being a lesbian in the WNBA, same-sex marriage, and various other issues.

Sorry, too pissed off to come up with a pithy title.

I can’t even count the number of ways in which this article from Details offends me.