There’s more to life than bitching about mainstream media.

The whole “bloggers vs. journalists” debate feels insanely remote to me, but it’s not hard to understand why it often seems to be the only topic of discussion.

The New (York Times) Games Journalism.

The New York Times has a brief blurb on the New Games Journalism.

Games journalism, new and old.

Setting up an opposition between the everyday game reviews that UK Resistance defends and the more reflective pieces that the Guardian promotes is an apples/oranges affair; the only thing the two types of writing have in common are that they both concern video games.

What do we want out of games journalism?

The question is whether you can get all this writing moved off the web and into print, and if you do, whether anyone will buy it.

Get a haircut, ya hippies!

A quick note to the Boston Red Sox and to sportswriters everywhere.


September 12 is an interesting and provocative start for an ambitious team of developers, but it really is a one-note song, in line with “traditional printed political cartoons.”

Journalism: The Videogame

Insert Credit’s reviews are rich and meaty, and their news snippets go where few other gaming sites bother to, or even dare to.

You’re a hack, and so’s your editor!

Nothing requires less thought than a series of brainless, one-sentence rants.