GDC 2008: Friday: Narrative control, ranting, happiness.

Notes from the end of GDC 2008.

Everybody loves Excite Truck!

The game the elderly seem to get the most kick out of? Excite Truck.

Mates of State: All Day.

Mates of State makes joyous, full-throated, big-hearted music, and it’s a wonderful thing to hear.

Spring has sprung! Or at least is currently springing!

It’s spring, people, and I am giddy. Giddy!

Idle Thumbs on Orsinal.

You can hardly blame them for being lulled into a liminal state by Halim’s deceptively simple, airily seductive games.

Comfort food, a security blanket, Chrissie Hynde’s voice.

Anytime I put this many question marks in a single paragraph, it’s probably a sign that I’m not sleeping well or thinking straight.

Space Channel 5: Style beats substance every time.

Space Channel 5 has something that very few video games even know they should want to have: swing.

Ape Escape 2: Shiny things are pretty!

I play a game like Ape Escape 2 and am reminded that I’m just a pretentious loser.