Gamer demographics.

Sometimes I wonder.


Everything good that you’ve heard about “Portal” is true.

Prison Break, Season 2, and Ugly Betty, Season 1. (spoiler-free)

Do TV shows have a gender? Of course they do, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what that gender is.

Vanity Fair (the movie, not the magazine).

How much do I love Reese Witherspoon? Enough to sit all the way through this movie.

BloodRayne 2. (PopMatters)

My review of BloodRayne 2 is now up at PopMatters. In an attempt to reach new heights of pretentiousness, I led the article with a quote from a Baudelaire poem; my only defense is that I wrote it last week while still hopped up on tryptophan, so my bullshit filters were impaired. Anyway, let me know if you think other parts of it are particularly full of bull, or (less likely) if it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever read.

Final Fantasy X-2: Girly-girls take charge.

FFX-2 may be my favorite mainline FF game ever, if you consider it a mainline game, as opposed to a spinoff like Tactics or Chocobo Racing — distinctions which don’t really matter unless you’re a nerdy fanboy like me.