Everything good that you’ve heard about “Portal” is true.

Sin and Punishment.

Whether you do something right or wrong, just make sure you do it big.

Phase for iPod.

It’s like Frequency and Vib Ribbon had a little iPod shaped baby, and that is awesome.

Seven reasons why Phantom Hourglass rocks.

Why does this game grab me in a way that, say, Twilight Princess completely failed to do?

Austin GDC 2007.

While everyone was talking about how everyone’s talking about Web 2.0 and games, not very many people were actually talking about Web 2.0 and games.

Puzzle Pirates: Sailing the not-so-open seas.

Puzzle Pirates is basically a casual game portal with avatars and a point system, which actually puts Three Rings pretty far ahead of the curve in terms of casual and virtual world trends.


I finally buckled down and worked on one of my New Year’s resolutions, and the results are as underwhelming as you might expect.

EA Family Play and player postures.

The way that the feature is described makes it sound less like training wheels and more like a completely different game.

50 Ways to Leave Your MMOG?

Can I justify paying the same amount for two hours a week of gameplay that I was for 20?

Is that a dinner bell I hear?

Kongregate isn’t the YouTube of web-based indie casual games; it’s the Xbox Live Arcade of web-based indie casual games.