The iPhone vs. my inner miser.

Now that my credit card and I have done our part for the economy, I can go around awkwardly trying to hide my iPhone when I’m on the street or on the bus, because who really wants to be That Guy With The Really Expensive Gadget?

Rise of the machines, Part II.

The gadgets in Josh’s home continue their march towards world domination.

Rise of the Machines.

My home is invaded.

MacBook Pro!

Josh gushes over his new computer, because after paying for it, gushing is about all he can afford to do.

The lure of the exotic.

Apparently, late in the year 2005, people can do amazing things with their cell phones that I couldn’t imagine doing on my old 1998 model.

Buyer’s remorse.

Explain to me again why I bought a PSP? It wasn’t for the RSS reader, I’ll tell you that.

The Passion of My Phone.

My phone finally seemed to give up the ghost, plaintively beeping at me with a flurry of “low power” warnings, then going blank and silent.