Yo quiero my daylight back.

It’s times like this, when light is scarce and I start to crave the fattiest, unhealthiest comfort food I can get my hands on, that I’m really glad I live just a few blocks from a Taco Bell.

Tough times for Twin Cities businesses.

It’s no wonder I never go out anymore: All the places worth going to are closing down.

I am furious schnitzeled.

I spent last night more or less comatose, and most of today lying around continuing the long, slow, process of digestion while I waited (I’m still waiting, really) for the blood to leave my stomach so that I can start using my brain again.

Guilt never tasted so good.

In my continuing quest to make a complete mockery of the term “vegetarian,” I ate a hamburger today. With bacon.

I’m suddenly feeling a little hungry.

Best weblog I’ve run into lately: The Cheese Diaries. Yum.

Bananas, powdered sugar, coffee, and a few too many distractions.

I can, however, confirm that it was a mighty tasty cake. Very… brown… but tasty nonetheless.