Better games than games.

“First, [it] provided me a source for continuous escapism; second, it gave me a never-failing sense of accomplishment; and third, it allowed me a platform for on-going identity construction and reconstruction.”

Movies I meant to see, but didn’t.

Sometimes, I send things back to Netflix without watching them, and I always feel bad about it.

Academy Awards Notes.

Thank goodness for beer and livebloggers; how did I ever manage to sit through award shows without them?

Movies I Meant to Watch: Moulin Rouge.

I forget all about whatever it is I’m supposed to be watching now, because I’m sitting on the sofa in my pajamas, watching movies that are too old to be current and too new to be classic.

Tough times for Twin Cities businesses.

It’s no wonder I never go out anymore: All the places worth going to are closing down.

When “elitist” is a four-letter word.

Is there a subculture out there that’s more defensive and quick to anger than the gaming community?

Watching movies on the PSP.

The weird thing about watching feature films on the PSP is that you end up treating portable video like a portable game or portable text, as something to be picked up and put down at will.

Three-penny take-home test.

I really didn’t dislike my film theory class as much as you’d think from reading this weblog.

Maybe your favorite movie doesn’t suck.

Rather than being a numbing morass of brainless candy, pop culture (video games, TV, etc.) is instead a stimulating experience that requires active participation on the part of the audience.

Your favorite movie sucks.

Don’t mind me, just whining about class. No, not “class,” “class.” Eh, you know what I mean.