GDC 2012: Impressions.

In lieu of any deep and well-thought-out observations, here are some random impressions from the conference.

Feeling ready for GDC.

GDC is this week, and I’m looking forward to taking a few days off to go geek out at lectures, chat with colleagues, and generally do something other than work.

User experience and washing machines.

“User Experience” can be a pretty hazy term. Ulius-Sabel’s talk helps to solidify my understanding of what it means.

Moments of engagement with games.

When we start thinking about games in terms of their moments of engagement with players, they become much more than a set of rules and fictions bound within in a magic circle.

Decision making through poor web app coding.

Online comparison shopping is a lot easier when half the sites you go to won’t give you a price quote because either their Javascript-laden form buttons won’t submit anything or their server-side controllers fail to redirect you to the right destination, leaving you stuck at a blank interim page.