Galaga Legions: bait and switch.

Galaga Legions is a mean, mean game.

Braid: Unforgiven.

Since I’ve solved all of Braid’s puzzles, I’m less annoyed than I initially was by how finicky and tightly wound some of them are.

GDC ’07: New sensations.

Random thoughts from Wednesday at GDC.

Skill management in Final Fantasy XII.

A skill-based Final Fantasy isn’t a bad idea, but the pacing leaves something to be desired.

Gradius V.

How is it that games that are so difficult and frustrating can be so much fun?

Viewtiful Joe 2 and my inability to learn from my mistakes.

VFX powers are useful not only because they boost your abilities and power, but because slowing down, zooming in, and replaying the action allows you to revel in the simple pleasures of wanton destruction. At least that’s how it feels when you actually get to destroy things.

Viewtiful Joe: viewtifully hard.

The whole game, while not actually very long from end to end, can require a pretty hefty investment in time and sweat to get through.