Sick day video #2: THRU YOU.

Most cut-and-paste music is built out of short samples and loops, and there’s plenty of that here, but there are also many long lines and melodies that are preserved and woven together, solos becoming duets, single notes becoming chords.

PS3 vs. Wii: scarcity vs. plenitude.

The PS3 and Wii have launched, in all their coded glory.

All the interesting basketball news happens off the court.

Basketball is a beautiful game, but what’s really great (or awful, or awfully great) about it is that it’s a space where issues of race, class, and gender collide and swirl around, conflicts and questions played out and mashed up on a stage for all to see.

Not for me, perhaps.

It’s incredibly saddening to think there are whole servers full of people out there who honestly, innocently think that the words they use have no effect at all on those that hear them.

Shrek 2: Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra?

For every allusion that signifies, there’s one that makes no sense at all.

Video Games as Tools for Educators.

What was most rewarding for me personally was the opportunity to see games discussed in a new context, not only topically, but socially.

Quitting shouldn’t be so much work.

Quitting is a purgative for those trapped in this wearying cycle of “work hard, play hard.” It’s about breaking down the binaries of work/leisure or office/home and finding an in-between space where those structures don’t define us, don’t govern every minute of our lives.

Reasons to avoid television, #449.

I am an American male between the ages of 18 and 34, and therefore am a part of SpikeTV’s target demographic. Pardon me while I curl into the fetal position and weep for a while.