Who’s your games criticism role model?

What we really need is a Jane Jacobs of games criticism: someone who can speak with clarity and urgency about the world we live in and its problems, and can point the way to real solutions.

Journalism: The Videogame

Insert Credit’s reviews are rich and meaty, and their news snippets go where few other gaming sites bother to, or even dare to.

Which way the wind is blowing.

The amusing thing about the panel is how each participant says exactly what you would expect them to say based on their job titles: the EA vice president talks about sports games and The Sims; the lead at Naughty Dog plays up character development; the Id guy focuses on engines.

Talking about games without a language

You’ve got yourself a seriously boiling keg of introspective gamers and developers. Or a lot of pointless navel-gazing. Either way, fun stuff.