GDC 2009: Hecker, Gingold.

I attended two talks, both by Spore developers, that were long on bits of insight, but short on hard takeaways.

GDC 2009.

I wanted to post more during the conference about all the great stuff I saw and people I heard from, but I’m not as young as I used to be, so it’s getting harder for me to spend all day attending panels, spend all night attending parties, and still find the energy to post blog entries as I go.

GDC 2009: Game Design Challenge.

If McGonigal is right in her assertion that embarrassment is a gateway to happiness, then getting a bunch of game design nerds into a room to talk about their own sex lives is a good way to throw those gates wide open.

GDC 2009: Hocking: Intentionality and Improvisation.

Rather than forcing the player to adhere to a fixed script, improvisational play and complex systems encourage the designer to give up control and put the power to have fun back in the player’s hands.

GDC 2008: Friday: Narrative control, ranting, happiness.

Notes from the end of GDC 2008.

GDC 2008: Thursday: Character, immersion, social media, instrumentation

Brain dumps from Thursday at GDC.

GDC 2008: Wednesday: UCG, procedural music, AI, narrative design.

Notes from the first day at GDC.

Austin GDC 2007.

While everyone was talking about how everyone’s talking about Web 2.0 and games, not very many people were actually talking about Web 2.0 and games.

On the road again, again.

Having barely recovered from my last, laptop-less, cross-country cruise, I already have to start packing for this week’s Austin GDC.

Minnebar 2007.

A game designer sneaks into an conference full of web developers.