Will trade a Dopplr invite for a puffy Garfield sticker.

I know the Internet can’t sustain a zillion and one social sites, but I actually kind of get a kick out of trading beta invites.

Project Runway 3.

Notes on the final Project Runway 3 collections. There are spoilers, natch.

Snacking on media.

Josh’s OCD breaks down.

The joys of compulsive behavior.

Ratchet & Clank, manages to outstrip the others, not with its level design or its mechanics or its story, but by being more addictive than the other games.

The things we keep say something about us.

Moving sucks, but there’s a silver lining to being a pack rat: rediscovering your old toys.

My apartment is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries…

It’s not such a good feeling to be reorganizing your bookshelves afterwards and find piles of books stuffed in corners and cabinets all over the apartment.