Bible Blaster?

Just a couple of weeks after the New York Times ran a long feature on the rise in popularity of Christian-themed videogames, we see a press release announcing the development of a Bible-themed trivia game.

Joan of Arcadia, Season 2.

The tone of the show has shifted from a nondenominational vagueness that permitted the viewer a range of readings to an ever-more doctrinaire line that starts to read like “Liberal Catholicism for Dummies.”

Films I didn’t want to watch: The Passion of the Christ.

The parts of The Passion of the Christ that didn’t make me roll my eyes in irritation or close them in sleepy boredom made me avert them in disgust, and those parts made up a distressingly large portion of the movie.

Saved! from satire.

The thing that makes the film fall flat as satire is the same thing that makes it click for me: its unrepentant affection for its characters.

Johnny Cash, 1932-2003.

I’m pretty immune to the deaths of celebrities; even Curt Cobain’s suicide left little more than a dull coldness in me. But then I watched Cash’s final music video, for his cover of Nine Inch Nails’s Dirt, and found myself blinking back tears.