It’s nice to see that House is even crankier than I am.


The burning question of the 2003-2004 TV season was this: “Does the world have room for two shows about young women who are visited by voices from a higher plane that tell them to help people?” The answer was “not so much.”

Gilmore Girls, Season 5.

After watching the last couple of episodes, I’m wondering: was Rory always this much of a spineless weasel?

Angel, Season 5.

Notes on the final season of Angel. There are some mild spoilers, but none of it ever made any sense anyway, so reading on probably won’t hurt too much.

P.N. 03 does not have wu-wei.

P.N. 03 could have been a truly great game, a cross between Rez and Space Channel 5, but it ends up being little more than a decent third-person shooter with some great character animation.