A slow crash, like an iceberg.

It’s terrible, being relieved that your favorite team’s season is over.

All-stars and Blazers and Wolves, oh phooey.

Both of my teams are stuck in mediocrity, and I’ve been reduced to the most abject, pathetic state a basketball fan can find himself in.

Nothing lasts forever.

For the first time in 22 years, the Portland Trail Blazers will not be participating in the NBA playoffs.

The end of an era in Portland, but hopefully not the playoff era.

Portland has somehow managed to trade Rasheed to Atlanta for Shareef Abdur-Raheem and Theo Ratliff.

A ray of hoops hope.

It looks like management is starting to make some moves to repair the team’s image, trading Bonzi Wells for Wesley Person, a draft pick, and cash.

Later than expected, but still the end of the road.

A good solid game, and we can go into the offseason with our dignity intact, which is more than anyone expected after a season that could be politely described as “tumultuous.”

The Blazers’ team motto? “Beat L.A.”

Today’s game against L.A. was the only Blazer game this season to be broadcast on ABC, so I made a point of watching it. And my boys made it worth it, with a huge 101-99 win over the dread Lakers.

When good teams go bad

Going into the last week of the NBA season, the Blazers have managed to distract themselves yet again with another round of citations and infighting.