No need to fear the beard.

I tried to keep a little bit of distance from all the Giants mania going around town, just because I don’t like being one of those people who jumps onto bandwagons late in the season. But the bandwagon rolled fast and loose, and it was hard not to get swept up in the excitement.

Signs of the times, #239.

Children have always pretended to use tools that older folks won’t let them mess around with. It’s only the tools that have changed.

A good day for sports.

Or at least for the Twins and Heat.

The Bleacher Bums.

I had totally forgotten that today was to be the “official” launch date for the site until I heard a plug for it on the radio.

Spring has sprung! Or at least is currently springing!

It’s spring, people, and I am giddy. Giddy!

Get a haircut, ya hippies!

A quick note to the Boston Red Sox and to sportswriters everywhere.

Twins def. Yankees 2-0; Storm def. Monarchs 82-62; Democrats tie Republicans 0-0.

It was a busy night in sporting, as baseball and women’s basketball both had important playoff games played. The future of our political landscape also hung in the balance, but that’s nothing compared to five double plays.

Do androids dream of having a nice changeup?

Because everyone knows: pod people don’t get any run support.

Marlins win World Series; more importantly, Yankees lose.

The Florida Marlins beat New York tonight, 2-0, to win the 2003 World Series.

Who said baseball was boring?

The Marlins make it really hard to root against them, continually small-balling and gut-checking their way to wins.