Alias, Seasons 4 and 5.

It wasn’t until ABC announced the show’s cancellation that the writers finally gave in and accepted the fact that “sense” was simply never going to be a part of their legacy in the way that dysfunctional families and bright red wigs would be.

Alias, Season 3.

In a way, Alias just can’t win: its viewers have been trained to expect twists and betrayals at every turn, to the point where the only way to really surprise them would be to not do the shocking thing. (Spoilers within, but they’re pretty much exactly the spoilers you would expect.)

Alias, Season 2.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Season 2 of Alias actually makes Season 1 look straightforward and sensible.

Alias, Season 1.

So now there’s a spy club even more evil than what Sydney’s used to, although it’s not the spy club that Zoe from Firefly works for. You’re probably thinking this post is full of spoilers for the first season of Alias, and you’re probably right.