Austin GDC 2007.

While everyone was talking about how everyone’s talking about Web 2.0 and games, not very many people were actually talking about Web 2.0 and games.

Signs of the Times: My portfolio.

Replay videos of a three-year-old game that was completely ignored by the press and didn’t sell peanuts? No problem.

Back to the slack once more.

All good things must come to an end, and my contract at MGI is no exception.

Commuting, complaining.

My level of frustration with my daily commute is at Orange, and is creeping towards Red.

GDC ’07: Just a couple more shots…

One last GDC brain dump from Friday.

GDC ’07: Why not take a break?

More GDC brain dumping, from Thursday.

GDC ’07: New sensations.

Random thoughts from Wednesday at GDC.

GDC ’07: Welcome to the Fantasy Zone. Get Ready!

I’m here in San Francisco, psyching myself up for some serious conferencing.

Everybody loves Excite Truck!

The game the elderly seem to get the most kick out of? Excite Truck.

Getting back to the slack. Again.

I finished my contract at MGI today, which means that I finally have time to play games other than the one I’m working on.