The Web we weaved.

We’ve reached the point where people go around creating web sites expressly for the purpose of slagging on those who dare to stick their necks out and have public lives, and then turn around and act surprised when people use these sites to spread fear and perpetrate violence.

A dangerous discovery.

I may never get any work done again.

Unga. Unga Bunga.

Writing is hard.

The New (York Times) Games Journalism.

The New York Times has a brief blurb on the New Games Journalism.

So. So? So!

I’m a total idiot when it comes to grammar, so there’s probably some part of speech that I’ve never heard of that explains the use of “so” at the beginning of a sentence. If there is, will someone let me know before I drive myself nuts?

Not for me, perhaps.

It’s incredibly saddening to think there are whole servers full of people out there who honestly, innocently think that the words they use have no effect at all on those that hear them.

Holy Crapulent!

When it’s late, and I’m writing, and I’m stuck in mid-sentence, I often procrastinate by looking words up in the dictionary or thesaurus.

Bejeweled 2. (PopMatters)

Continuing with the theme of pleasurable addictiveness that I brought up last week, my review of Bejeweled 2 is now up at PopMatters.

And because I’m too lazy to go look in a thesaurus at the moment: is there a word for “addictive” that doesn’t carry so many negative connotations? I don’t really think that seeking little morsels of happy fun from a video game (or a TV show, or a book, or whatever) is necessarily a bad thing, but words like “addictive” or “compulsive” really make it seem like I’m describing pathology rather than pleasure. I wonder if I could get away with using the word “crackalicious” in a review.

Writer’s Block.

It’s all bad.

Jon Stewart vs. Jacques Derrida.

In what seems to be a shout-out to the recently-deceased Jacques Derrida, Jon Stewart recently appeared on CNN?s Crossfire and attempted to examine oversimplified binary oppositions in American political discourse in order to expose their underlying structures, as well as the inherent instability of those structures — or something like that.