NBA Finals, 2005: Game 1.

For fair-weather fans riding the Heat and Suns bandwagons, this matchup is going to be a slow, ugly grind, but even if you’re not a fan of great defense, both teams are capable of executing a lovely half-court offense.

Lynx 66, Sun 91: Relax, it’s just the preseason.

Late in the game, Nicole Ohlde finally realized that there was no way that Margo “Shawn Bradley” Dydek could keep up with her, and started spinning around her at will.

The Bleacher Bums.

I had totally forgotten that today was to be the “official” launch date for the site until I heard a plug for it on the radio.

A slow crash, like an iceberg.

It’s terrible, being relieved that your favorite team’s season is over.

Spring has sprung! Or at least is currently springing!

It’s spring, people, and I am giddy. Giddy!

All-stars and Blazers and Wolves, oh phooey.

Both of my teams are stuck in mediocrity, and I’ve been reduced to the most abject, pathetic state a basketball fan can find himself in.

Trades and Fisticuffs: it must be the NBA season.

Apparently, the best way to shed the JailBlazer image is to find someone even crazier than you.

Get a haircut, ya hippies!

A quick note to the Boston Red Sox and to sportswriters everywhere.

Storm 74, Sun 60: I’m trying very hard to avoid the obvious puns.

For the first time since I’ve started following the WNBA, I didn’t really have an emotional investment in either of the teams playing in the Finals. That didn’t stop me from enjoying them, though.

Twins def. Yankees 2-0; Storm def. Monarchs 82-62; Democrats tie Republicans 0-0.

It was a busy night in sporting, as baseball and women’s basketball both had important playoff games played. The future of our political landscape also hung in the balance, but that’s nothing compared to five double plays.