No need to fear the beard.

I tried to keep a little bit of distance from all the Giants mania going around town, just because I don’t like being one of those people who jumps onto bandwagons late in the season. But the bandwagon rolled fast and loose, and it was hard not to get swept up in the excitement.

Allez les nerds!

Zidane, Del Piero, Daleks, Cybermen, Rabbids, it’s all the same.

A good day for sports.

Or at least for the Twins and Heat.

Winter Olympic notes.

Hip new sports, Americans hoisting themselves by their own petard, and more gnashing of teeth over my continuing lack of cable.

All the interesting basketball news happens off the court.

Basketball is a beautiful game, but what’s really great (or awful, or awfully great) about it is that it’s a space where issues of race, class, and gender collide and swirl around, conflicts and questions played out and mashed up on a stage for all to see.

Keeping it real?

Riding the bus this morning, I saw a kid wearing a Carmelo Anthony jersey. This wasn’t sky blue-and-white Nuggets gear, though; this was the yellow and red of Oak Hill Academy.

NBA Finals, 2005: Game 7.

Duncan grabbed the offensive rebound, pump-faked, and put the ball in the hole, drawing a foul. Then — and you could see the monkeys flying off his back as he shot it — he hit the free throw.

NBA Finals, 2005: Game 6.

The Spurs and the Pistons are both defensive-oriented teams, but beyond that, they have very different styles.

NBA Finals, 2005: Game 5.

Game 5 of the NBA Finals was far and away the biggest, best game of Robert Horry’s long playoff career.

NBA Finals, 2005: Game 2.

When your team is down by 21 points and Darko Milicic is on the floor with four minutes left in the game, you know it’s over.