Hyperlinks for you and me.

Don’t mind me, just fixing my links page here.

Scrubbing out the linkrot.

Along the way, I culled a few dead sites, and mercilessly purged a large number of feeds that don’t really interest me these days. It was a little sad, really, since I’d been following some of these sites for years.

Semifat Sediment Wallpapers.

When life gets you down, just make crappy desktop wallpapers.

Be careful what you wish for.

GarageBand is fun to play with, and this site needs a theme song. Josh spends a nice afternoon coming up with ways to make your eardrums cry.

I clearly have way too much time on my hands.

An absence of video games leads to an abundance of web design.

A quick morning re-design.

I think this is Version #3 of the site, but I may have lost count somewhere along the way.

In lieu of actual content.

Just a couple of quick additions to the site this morning.

My eyes! It burns!

I was getting a little tired of the understated, under-designed style of Sediment (which could be described as either “spare and elegant,” or “mind-numbingly dull,” depending on how you feel about it).

The servers, they are a-changin’.

I’ve moved the hosting of semifat.net over to a shared hosting service.

Pardon the mess: we’re moving type here.

I put the ol’ sediment codebase out to pasture, and replaced it with the oh-so-slick Movable Type.