Monade: A Few Steps More.

With Monade, Laetitia Sadier has room to do her own arrangements of her own songs, and the result is a much warmer, looser sound than the immaculately-produced soundscapes that Stereolab tends towards.

Beck: Gameboy Variations.

Hearing Beck’s spacey voice swaddled in the SID’s sound isn’t a nostalgia trip, it’s what pop music should sound like.

The Arcade Fire: Funeral.

I’ve never been to a funeral. I don’t have a car. These facts don’t prevent me from enjoying The Arcade Fire’s first LP, Funeral.

The Postal Service: Give Up.

I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s a good or bad thing that one of their main influences seems to be The Human League.

Mates of State: All Day.

Mates of State makes joyous, full-throated, big-hearted music, and it’s a wonderful thing to hear.

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm.

The propulsive rhythms and laminated production are no longer at odds, but combine to create a sense of clarity and urgency, of an understanding of what’s wanted and a desperate desire to pursue it.

Eno vs. Crow: Fight!

It’s like a Rorschach Test for your musical allegiances.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga: Boss battles and cybernetic rituals.

When we fight a boss battle, we give up the freedom to choose and change the game’s world in favor of performing a specific set of actions under the game’s direction. What’s up with that?

Be careful what you wish for.

GarageBand is fun to play with, and this site needs a theme song. Josh spends a nice afternoon coming up with ways to make your eardrums cry.

Comfort food, a security blanket, Chrissie Hynde’s voice.

Anytime I put this many question marks in a single paragraph, it’s probably a sign that I’m not sleeping well or thinking straight.