Now the year can really start.

Yes, that’s Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and Weird Al Yankovic singing “Come Together.”

The only Christmas carol you need to hear.

Merry Christmas.

Back to the Houses of the Holy.

Hollywood brings us fresh covers of Zeppelin classics.

Today’s Happies.

Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, and Björk are all making me happy today.

Who Run the World

Who Run the World? Beyonce and St. Vincent.

March Noodle

it’s fun to poop out a song in under an hour — I think it took me longer to record the song than it did to write it.

Sick day video #2: THRU YOU.

Most cut-and-paste music is built out of short samples and loops, and there’s plenty of that here, but there are also many long lines and melodies that are preserved and woven together, solos becoming duets, single notes becoming chords.

The Little Things: Super Mario Galaxy.

I am apparently so easily amused that you don’t even need to give me a game to make me happy — a good UI is good enough for me.

Electroplankton experiments.

As long as I’m in the mood to post half-assed audio rather than any real blog posts, I might as well put up some experiments I did a while ago with Nintendo’s not-really-a-game, Electroplankton.

Holiday crafts.

Some people cook. Some people decorate. Some people goof around and make crummy little songs.