Lessons on living in San Francisco, #18.

Next thing you know, you’re no longer walking in Noe Valley, you’re climbing Noe Freaking Mountain and tumbling down the other side.

Eight things I don’t miss about Minnesota.

Minnesota Nice, feeling short, weather, and a few other gripes.

Six things I miss about Minnesota.

I’m not especially homesick for Minneapolis, but there are things that I was sad to leave behind.

Six things that do not add up to one bed.

What rat’s nest of random bedding have I been rolling around in for the past week and a half?

October 2007: The Season of Lists

Why am I going to write all of this month’s posts in the form of lists?

I could’ve sworn I left my heart around here somewhere…

I’ve moved to San Francisco.

On the road again, again.

Having barely recovered from my last, laptop-less, cross-country cruise, I already have to start packing for this week’s Austin GDC.

Signs of the Times: I-35W.

Sometimes the real world crumbles and falls apart, and we need the virtual world to help us keep our shit together.

The iPhone vs. my inner miser.

Now that my credit card and I have done our part for the economy, I can go around awkwardly trying to hide my iPhone when I’m on the street or on the bus, because who really wants to be That Guy With The Really Expensive Gadget?

User experience and washing machines.

“User Experience” can be a pretty hazy term. Ulius-Sabel’s talk helps to solidify my understanding of what it means.