This land is my land.

Barack Obama! Black, mixed-race, the son of an immigrant. PRESIDENT.

A flashing disco strobe light at the end of the tunnel.

Brave, foolish people remain willing to invest large sums of money in ridiculous ventures that result in products that no one needs or wants.

Meet the new resolutions, same as the old resolutions.

Since 2007′s resolutions went so well, I’m not going to bother with new ones for 2008. I’m just going to keep working on the unfinished business from the previous set.


What am I thankful for?

Vitamin C is my only friend now.

So of course my sinuses have chosen this moment to crawl up into my forehead and amuse themselves by making the room spin around me.

Not my favorite place on Earth.

I think they intentionally build airports to be energy-sapping, soul-deadening centers of frustration.

One more thing…

Another thing I don’t miss about Minnesota.

God bless the curbside collectors.

You can put just about anything out on the curb with a “FREE” sign on it, and it will be gone before you can say “scavenger.”

Time to waste.

SFO isn’t a terribly exciting place to hang out, even by airport standards.

Yo quiero my daylight back.

It’s times like this, when light is scarce and I start to crave the fattiest, unhealthiest comfort food I can get my hands on, that I’m really glad I live just a few blocks from a Taco Bell.