Lucky number 2013.

2012 was a year of change. Change is good! Here are some changes to make in 2013.

Travel logs.

Notes from Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York. That’s more than enough travel for one month.

End of the road.

I came home and spent the last weekend of my vacation nursing a crazy post-vacation cold that bounced around between my sinuses and my chest.

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Dublin.

I did some math, and the last time I took a vacation that was anything more than just visiting family in Portland was three and a half years ago. And know that I think of it, half of that trip was family time as well, which means I haven’t gone a proper vacation since before [...]

The world will not end in 2012.

Here’s to 2012, a year in which things will happen!

Resolution-o-matic 2011.

It’s 2011! Only one year until the apocalypse. Let’s all make the most of it.

Unresolved resolutions.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see that I managed a 50% success rate on last year’s resolutions, for which my hair and fingernails are very grateful.

Today’s walk.

Parks are imagined as a respite from the city that surrounds them, but the city always finds its way in.

Sick day video #1: Elizabeth Gilbert at TED.

It can be hard to remember that the whole life-as-narrative-biography thing exists only in our heads, and that reifying it dooms us to living out a story that no one has written, despite not liking the way it ends.

Happy not-so-new year.

I’ve been forgetting to put up my New Year’s resolutions, and we’re nearly three weeks into 2009, which means that if punctuality was one of said resolutions, then I would have already broken it.