Twitter questions and answers.

Answers to some questions about Twitter.

Minnebar 2007.

A game designer sneaks into an conference full of web developers.

Better games than games.

“First, [it] provided me a source for continuous escapism; second, it gave me a never-failing sense of accomplishment; and third, it allowed me a platform for on-going identity construction and reconstruction.”

Culling the RSS herd.

My subscription list is creeping back up towards the 200 mark, which means it’s time to cull the herd again. When did reading become such hard work?

The Web we weaved.

We’ve reached the point where people go around creating web sites expressly for the purpose of slagging on those who dare to stick their necks out and have public lives, and then turn around and act surprised when people use these sites to spread fear and perpetrate violence.

Moments of engagement with games.

When we start thinking about games in terms of their moments of engagement with players, they become much more than a set of rules and fictions bound within in a magic circle.

Cold weekend thoughts.

It’s really cold out, and my mind wanders.

The Continuing Adventures of lonelygirl15.

YouTube’s breakout series has actually gotten more interesting since it dropped the pretense of reality.

The Web on the Wii.

I’m more excited about the Wii Internet Channel than I should be.

Even Beaverton is living in the future.

Now I can have my cake and watch it, too, even when I’m away from home. My parents have broadband access.