“Koko’s Earth Control”

The world did not come to an end yesterday. But when it does, I hope it goes out something like this 1928 Max Fleischer cartoon.

Movies I meant to see, but didn’t.

Sometimes, I send things back to Netflix without watching them, and I always feel bad about it.

Academy Awards Notes.

Thank goodness for beer and livebloggers; how did I ever manage to sit through award shows without them?

Chaska to Tokyo.

It’s amazing how many different ways there are for people to not communicate with each other, and how many different things “not communicate” can mean.

Movies I Meant to Watch: Moulin Rouge.

I forget all about whatever it is I’m supposed to be watching now, because I’m sitting on the sofa in my pajamas, watching movies that are too old to be current and too new to be classic.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The movie seems happy enough to let its Christian subtext remain subtextual.

Watching Serenity.

It’s impossible to write anything about the movie itself without wallowing in spoilers, so here are some random notes on the preview-watching experience.

Watching movies on the PSP.

The weird thing about watching feature films on the PSP is that you end up treating portable video like a portable game or portable text, as something to be picked up and put down at will.

Rush Hour.

The problem with Jackie Chan is that when he’s not interacting with a chair or a motorcycle or whatever, and instead has to act against a human being, he’s not really all that funny.

Supercop and Supercop 2.

“This is terrible! We have two of the most talented martial arts actors in the world doing a movie together, and there’s absolutely zero chemistry between them!”