The Uptown Art Swarm.

What would you find if you looked at the Art Fair’s numbers over the years, at the kind of artists that display their wares and the kind of art that gets bought?

Walker Reloaded: Still Closed Mondays.

A month late, I finally get to see the renovated Walker Art Center. And I take pictures.

“My dream leads to scurvy.”

Winner of the “Best Webcomic That’s Been Around For Years And I Can’t Believe I Never Heard About It Until Now” award.

Hero and the Four Arts.

The film Hero is mostly about swordplay, true love, and imperialism. But it’s also a work of art, one that references other arts while telling its story.

R-Type Final vs. Bruce Nauman.

Nauman’s video loops and neon signs flashed and shouted at me just as loudly as any DDR machine could, and sucked me into their hypnotic, repetitive patterns until I was completely in sync with the patterns on the screen.

We could just start carrying around pictures of saints or something.

By making images too busy and using too many colors, designers don’t just diminish the utility of their icons; they lose opportunities to distinguish their products from the rest of the market.

Guggenheim Gaming

Drawing parallels between Cremaster 3 and everyone’s favorite man-versus-ape game is a stretch, to say the least, but Wayne Bremser somehow pulls it off.